Inbound Investment

Why Singapore and Why Indonesia?

Indonesia – Tap on the most exciting and dynamic emerging market in the next decade.

Three keys reasons for investment in Indonesia

4th Largest Population in the World with Young and Technically Trained Workforce
Abundant Natural Resources
Improving Investment Climate and Higher Global Profile

Services include

Market Entry


Incentives and Facilities

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my company in Indonesia be 100% foreign owned?
Whilst Indonesia has largely liberated its regulatory framework on foreign direct investments, there are still various business activities that are restricted to or regulated for foreign direct investment. As such, potential foreign investors are advised to cross-check if their business activities is indeed open to 100% foreign ownership.
Are there any other types of business vehicles that can be used for foreign investment other than a PMA ?
Foreign Direct Investment may only be in the form of a foreign investment limited liability company.
What is the minimum paid-up capital for a foreign investment limited liability company?
The minimum paid-up capital for a foreign investment company is IDR 10,000,000,000 (Indonesian Rupiah Ten Billion)
How do I set up a company bank account in Indonesia?
The bank account opening process for a company is relatively straightforward so long as the administrative requirements from the banks are met which would be eased if a member of the board of directors is present and have the requisite documentation.
Can I set up a company in any location in Indonesia
Can I set up a company in Indonesia with only 1 shareholder?
Indonesian company law requirements stipulate the minimum of two (2) shareholders for a limited liability company.
Are there any incentives offered by Indonesian government for foreign investment?
Yes, these are mostly in the form of fiscal incentives.
Is there a foreign exchange control/restriction in Indonesia?
There are foreign exchange controls in Indonesia mainly pertaining to AML.